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FOX13News Mar 27 shared via Twitter
Tampa-based Big Cat Rescue CEO disapproves of 'Tiger King' documentary, calling it 'sensational'. MORE:

BN9 8 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
A man accused of hiring someone to murder the CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa has been arrested in Santa Rosa County.

abcactionnews 7 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
'Joe Exotic' indicted for trying to hire someone to murder the CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa

CecilHurt 18 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
“Slim Charles, did Intruder Cat make a move on your food bowl last night?” SC: “No” “But I heard a big fight and there are these chunks of fur everywhere this morning. And I don’t see Intruder Cat.” SC: “I heard he moved to Tampa. Won’t see him no more.”

ScooterMcPooter 16 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
Mom had three foster kittens adopted this week. But wait, there’s more. Big adoption event on Saturday with special guest Cat Man Chris 2-5pm, owned by PetSmart Citrus Park, 12-5pm Donations support knee surgery for Christopher the cat.

Tampa_Trey May 20
Careful, Big Cat. If they bring the third string QB out…

FlaBarAnimalLaw 4 Mar 2019
Meet Jude, one of the office cats at Myers Tutoring in Tampa. He's reading Big Cat Rescue's Big Cat Times and wondering whether he counts as a "big cat."

jmuhj1 22 hours ago
Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin now selling coronavirus masks - FOX 13 Tampa Bay via

PopcastPod Apr 3
🐯 Knox, Jamie, and Erin are recapping Netflix’s Tiger King for all Friends and Best Friends of the Show. Join us on this strange adventure through the big cat worlds of Oklahoma, Tampa, and Myrtle Beach. New content every Friday through end of May.

shutuppkeegan Mar 31

FOX13News Jan 22
BREAKING: Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, AKA Joe Exotic, sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for plotting to kill Tampa's Big Cat Rescue CEO Carole Baskin. UPDATES:

BigCatRescue 20 Nov 2018
Watch as some of the Big Cats get Turkeys for Thanksgiving at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida Do: via

HockeyAgent1 Feb 11
Congratulations to Andrei “The Big Cat” Vasilevskiy of Tampa Bay Lightning on tonight’s 250th career NHL game! !

On today's , Simms said that while playing in Tampa he'd regularly take groups of school kids to the Big Cat Rescue facility. So here's what those days may have looked like:

FOX13News Mar 24
Have you watched it yet? "Tiger King," a Netflix documentary, follows the bizarre events leading up to an exotic animal owner in Oklahoma trying to hire a hitman to kill the CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. He was sentenced to federal prison. MORE:

BN9 9 Dec 2017
Big Cat Rescue in Tampa welcomed their newest cougar to the animal sanctuary Saturday.

BigCatRescue 2 Jun 2019
Upgrading your iPad? Donate your old one. We need 9.5 x 6.5 to run Snow Leopard Trust videos in gift shop to stimulate sales of Snow Leopard Enterprises cat toys & gifts. Sales benefit our cats & snow leopards in the wild. Mail: Big Cat Rescue 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625

lloydsowers 25 Nov 2019
Rescued tiger Simba checks out his new home at Big Cat Rescue Tampa. One of three rescued from circus in Guatemala.

ESPNBooger Mar 26
I’ll phone in via FaceTime live from Big Cat Rescue here in Tampa Let y’all know what Carole Baskin up too

MeanGirlsBway 2 Jun 2019
Oh hey, Tampa, since we’ll be visiting our clique at the Big Cat Rescue we thought we’d bring the MEAN GIRLS National Tour to you (2/18/20 - 2/23/20)!

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