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CNN 10 - May 30, 2018
CNN 10 - May 30, 2018 - CNN
Current Events Worksheet
Current Events Worksheet
Canada wants to welcome more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years
Canada wants to welcome more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years - CNN
Top secret teens: The high schoolers recruited by the National Security Agency
Karen and Mike Pence's astonishing moral hypocrisy
Mike Pence and Karen Pence show astonishing moral hypocrisy (opinion) - CNN
Free set of printable CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Posters! Great for any secondary classroom! They come in two sizes!
FREE Current Events Journal Page - Homeschool Giveaways
FREE Current Events Journal Page - Homeschool Giveaways
Analyzing Firsthand and Secondhand Accounts
Teaching With a Mountain View: Anchor Charts
History Simulation Games for Kids
Learning history is more interesting with these fun games - kids role-play as historical figures, handle the tough situations under the historical setting, learn the history first-hand while playing games. Great resource for school social study class and homeschool.
Fifty awesome primary source activities for World and American History! A perfect one for every unit of the year!
Polka Dot Lesson Plans: Social Studies Menu {Tried it Tuesday}
This list of 101 Social Studies Websites for Teachers is a great resource for US History, World History, Civics, government, geography, and more.
Examining the Evidence
Ultimate Guide to Secular Homeschool Curriculum - Up Above The Rowan Tree
Make Classes Fun By Teaching History CSI Style
For Berg - Colonial America. Free CSI style, students use clues from historical documents to solve cases.
CNN Student News Daily Worksheet
If you watch CNN Student News in your classroom, this worksheet may be just what you need! Each day, students chose a story that resonates with them and provide two details from the story. Students also record a number from the daily broadcast that represents a "measurable piece of data." They record the number, as well as what the number
How a bill becomes a law downloadable infographic; requires free registration on web site $FREE #socialstudies #lawsandbills #usgovernment #laws
The 4 Questions You Should Ask During EVERY Social Studies Lesson
Social Studies Questions – Teacher Trap
10 Engaging Ways to Create Timelines - The Owl Teacher
Do your students have to create timelines to meet academic standards? Check out these 10 different timelines that are sure to engage and motivate your students during social studies with this important reading skill!
Back to School: First Year Teacher Checklists | Teacher checklist, First year teachers
First year teacher checklist - back to school ideas
10 YouTube Channels That Rock!
5 You Tube Channels that Rock for Social Studies
40 Animal Memes – Funnyfoto
40 Animal Memes
The Middle School Mouth: More on My Social Studies Interactive Notebook

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