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Women with #COVID19 can breastfeed
Women with #COVID19 can breastfeed. They should: 🤱🏼Wash hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub frequently 🤱🏻Wear a medical mask during any contact with the baby 🤱🏾Sneeze or cough into a tissue 🤱Routinely clean and disinfect surfaces touched
The Minions and Gru: Stay Safe and Be Kind
The Minions and Gru are supporting WHO in making sure people of all ages stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic: 💛 physically distancing 💛 being active at home 💛 being kind to each other #COVID19
Violence Against Women
During the #COVID19 pandemic, risks of violence increase due to: ❗️ More time at home with abusers ❗️ Rising stress ❗️ Isolation from social support networks ❗️ Limited access to critical services #coronavirus
Violence Against Women
If you are experiencing violence during #COVID19: 🤝 Reach out to supportive family, friends or neighbours ☎️ Call a hotline or access information online if possible 🆘 Seek out local services for survivors #coronavirus
Clothes, towels and bed linen
How should I wash and dry clothes, towels and bed linen, if no one in my household is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient?
Fruit and Vegetables
Q: How should I wash fruit and vegetables in the time of #COVID19?
Coins and banknotes
Q: Can #COVID19 be spread through coins and banknotes? #coronavirus #KnowTheFacts
Grocery shopping
Q: How can I grocery shop safely in the time of #COVID19? #Coronavirus #KnowtheFacts
Frontline COVID-19 Responders
It is normal to feel fearful and anxious during this time. Talking about your feelings will lessen your distress. #MentalHealth #coronavirus #COVID19
Children and Older Adults
It is normal to feel fearful and anxious during this time. Talking about your feelings will lessen your distress. #MentalHealth #coronavirus #COVID19
FACT: #COVID19 IS NOT transmitted through houseflies
Talking about COVID-19
Talk to your children about #COVID19. It’s hard for them not to hear about it. Silence & secrets do not protect our children. Honesty & openness do. Think about how much they will understand. You know them best.
Keep calm and manage stress
Crowded and messy home? Kids crying? Teenagers screaming? Back-to-back online meetings? Take a deep breath. Take a break. Do something for yourself. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your children
Keeping it positive
Praise is powerful. Try praising your child or teenager for something they have done well. And do it in a genuine way. They may not show it, but you’ll see them doing that good thing again.
Catch bad behavior
Catch bad behaviour early and redirect your kids' attention from a bad to a good behaviour. Clear, positive instructions get us the behaviour that we want. Swap ‘don’t make a mess’ for ‘please put away your pens’
Structure up
Exercise helps kids with a lot of energy (and adults) to de-stress when we #StayAtHome. Let your child choose the music and have a 10-minute dance! You might even impress them with your moves!
One-on-One Time
Try taking 20 minutes doing something the kids choose – like playing a game or reading - together with them. No phone or TV so you can focus on them. Quality time will make them feel safe and loved.
Stay Positive and Healthy
For all older adults & people with underlying health conditions who have to #StayHome, don't forget to: - Be physically active & mentally positive - Be socially connected via phone calls or social media - Be informed by local health authorities & WHO

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“Go to see your primary care doctor for your annual mammogram, PAP smear, your colonoscopy, or to get that new swelling, worsening fatigue, or nagging cough checked out. Coronavirus infections may be leveling off. But cancer is still going strong.”

kamerlinlab 3 hours ago shared via Twitter
French cat Papille caught from her humans and suffered fatigue, coughing and lethargy. Fortunately she is recovering and getting back to her old feline self again.

HeadlongTheatre 6 hours ago shared via Twitter
EPISODE 3 of Unprecedented airs tonight, featuring Fear Fatigue by directed by Brian Hill. Based on conversations with NHS workers in March, Fear Fatigue documents the feelings and fears of frontline staff in the days and weeks before the Coronavirus lockdown.

ginnymooy 12 hours ago
Coronavirus patients with even mild cases of COVID-19 are taking months to recover and suffering extreme fatigue

HseqWatch May 25
Tips on managing fatigue during coronavirus pandemic While fatigue has been an ongoing safety problem, the coronavirus has made it even more problematic in critical industries remaining operational, so the Centers…

mummyingandme May 27

ClaireLum May 24
Since all this evidence has hit the headlines, something has been niggling me and it was the statement that the gov didn’t want to lockdown too early because ‘we’ would get lockdown fatigue. Mentioned here on March 12th 1/

McGinleyAM 6 minutes ago
Can’t understand why we are no longer talking about the death rate in the UK. Fatigue I understand, but we need accountability: this could have been very different. ‘So much living to do': stories of the UK's coronavirus victims

andymoz78 17 hours ago
This is what worries us in the NHS- a second wave that will come as we deal with the backlog of non-Covid cases and cumulative fatigue from several months of flat-out working.

Telegraph May 24
High doses of the vaccine prompted a stronger immune response but its also associated with these side effects: 🔴Severe fever 🔴Fatigue 🔴Dyspnoea 🔴Muscle pain 🔴Joint pain

WTOP May 26
The most common symptoms of the coronavirus are fever, a dry cough, shortness of breath and fatigue. But as the virus spreads around the world, additional symptoms are being identified.

EricLeeMD May 20
I'm getting tired too, but we can't stop now. fatigue is very real whether I'm at work or buying groceries. But I to protect others.

basorgebastos May 24
Bassey Offiong,25, West Michigan. The Chemical Engineering student was said to have been turned down several times for the coronavirus test in the Kalamazoo area while living off-campus despite having fever, fatigue & shortness of breath. Died a few days before his graduation

abc730 May 24
Some patients end up having symptoms, including extreme , well beyond the anticipated recovery period.

rahulkanwal May 22
So you survived a coronavirus infection. But have you recovered? Doctors and fatigue specialists around the world, especially from UK and USA, have started seeing Covid-19 recovered patients developing fatigue and muscle aches. We look at emerging evidence

Edwintops May 27
Model Fatigue is a new word, created as a result of the many failed corona virus projections especially in the US. does it mean AI will not rule after all? or is it a classic case of the nerds caught up in politics

How Swiss cities are cracking down on coronavirus lockdown fatigue

UNSW May 24
Thousands of people worldwide have recovered from - but what about those with lingering symptoms? Prof talks to about the extreme fatigue experienced well beyond the anticipated recovery period for patients.

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