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LouDobbs 19 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Politics Over Science: says U.S. medical programs are indebted to China and refuse to even consider whether the Wuhan Virus was manipulated in a Chinese lab. .

oliveyoongs 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
if you’re attending protests as a white person, this is how you act! anger is justified but do not center this around yourself! use your privilege to protect people ACTUALLY at risk! deescalate! being violent and trying to get arrested is the least helpful thing you can do!

ProfessorCrunk 18 minutes ago shared via Twitter

hannahfloodfox9 20 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Protests starting at the Hennepin County Government Center. Organizers are demanding a PEACEFUL demonstration.

elonjames 12 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Issa wrap. —— Amy Klobuchar declined to prosecute officer at center of George Floyd's death after previous conduct complaints

PNWYLF 2 hours ago
Folks are holding it down right now at the justice center, we need bodies! Get out here ASAP!

RyanFaircloth 2 hours ago
Crowd outside this St. Paul shopping center now scattering as officers pull up

asmaresists 3 minutes ago
Call for medical supplies, RNs, medics, first aid “2161 University Ave W in ST Paul is currently accepting donations and need medical staff/trained folks to help. They have lots of water but need more first aid supplies.”

ToyosiGodwin 2 hours ago
Ejikem recommend drug give him follower, year 1 medical student say the spelling dey wrong. Na the matter we... Nvm

CommunistCenter 21 seconds ago
It's never a bad time to line our own pockets

ReviewsPokemon 4 minutes ago
Perfect and small

matcha_chai 1 hour ago
comrades are continuing to show up at the injustice center

panda_in_dubai 29 minutes ago
People by the door at the train in Tokyo 🚈

benlar15 2 hours ago
HEY!!If you're wondering why people in St. Paul are pissed off, the history of Interstate 94 and STP is sad. There's currently an action taking place at the Midway Target and surrounding retailers. I'm really not able to summarize this any better than the MN Hist. Center did.

richdudegh 42 minutes ago
Say dem dey chill for Dubai you dey ball for Bekwai. Make you dey look another guy, you for smile. Le Gba Gbe 🔥🔥

columbusmonthly 19 minutes ago
Goodbye to , The Sycamore and the cafe at Flowers and Bread. Hello to and a bunch of reopening restaurants. Here's the , this week's drinking and dining news.

_onah1 1 hour ago
Two male Covid-19 patients dey fight over female patient for isolation center. Na the matter we still dey settle since morning o.

ReviewsPokemon 2 hours ago
What if we were both Bulbasaurs and we held vines?

TheMedicaIVideo 40 minutes ago

VictoryAlex4 1 hour ago
Doctor for isolation center don do give covid-19 patient Belle. Omo na we dey settle since morning

ErwinCenter 2 minutes ago
Today is 's Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins' birthday! Happy birthday ! 🥳

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