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TheMedicalTaIk 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
⚠️ Gunshot injury to the face and mandibular reconstruction.

ScottGottliebMD 2 hours ago shared via Twitter
The State of Texas doesn’t report daily state-level Covid19 hospitalizations, but Texas Medical Center reports data across its hospital system. These data are from the Texas Medical Center System, and they show a continued increase in new Covid hospitalizations over recent weeks.

jsolomonReports 44 minutes ago shared via Twitter
Prestigious medical journal urges outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine regimen for COVID-19 | Just The News

ANINewsUP 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
Meerut: A troop of monkeys took away blood samples of some patients collected for routine tests, from lab technicians at Meerut Medical College, today. SK Garg, Principal, Meerut Medical College says,"Samples taken away by monkeys do not include swab test samples"

wdohwanpics 3 hours ago shared via Twitter
Dodo has reportedly been seen taking his medical examinations for his military enlistment. KeyEast confirmed that he has been preparing, but have failed to provide an exact date. We’ll have to temporarily say goodbye to him soon 😢 📸 cr. nimgnas_eel (ig)

teamjungpal 2 hours ago
👍 Salute to all Medical Workers by Ssangmundong Squad

Reuters 5 hours ago

RobertAlai 5 hours ago
I have traced the Burundi First Lady to a clinic in Karen.

minozlmho 4 hours ago
new bts. leeminho & goeun’s cant move their hands freely because their hands covered by fake blood so they playing around as if they’re in the middle of surgery🤣🤣 the caption: the genre change to medical drama🤣🤣 THESE TWO KIDS!! 🤣🤣

BDUTT 5 hours ago
Kasaragod used to rely on neighbouring Karnataka for Medical Help. Then the borders shut. It had to build a hospital from scratch. "We did it better than China" says the Collector Sajith Babu to me about a district held up as a model by the Centre. More at

KabataanPamp 3 hours ago
The masses call for free mass testing, relief & financial assistance, and an effective & concrete medical solution—NOT crackdown, brutality, guns & bullets. ! ! !

surgeryclip 1 hour ago
33 days of a wound healing

TIME 5 hours ago
Watch: Blue Impulse, Japan Air Self-Defense Force's aerobatic team, performed a demonstration over Tokyo on Friday to show support and gratitude for medical workers fighting against the coronavirus

KemiOlunloyo 4 hours ago
Why is trending? I'm the TOP Investigative Journalist in Nigeria. There is NOTHING happening there. This is a political attempt to discredit . I'm looking at old pics & CNN like propaganda in the midst of . Pray 4 Sokoto & Katsina

LangalBalele 14 minutes ago
Rumours: She was seen at the abortion clinic Boys:

viviprints 7 minutes ago
wtf wdym needed medical attention you were literally choking him to death????

remote_job 1 minute ago

medicalthings 4 hours ago
True especially at this time!

Imani_Barbarin 1 hour ago
People aren’t afraid of congregating in the midst of a pandemic to protest because we won’t be saved by the medical system anyways.

TheMedicaIVideo 5 hours ago
Removing an IM rod !

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