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The Science Behind Our Motto!
Foraging Burdock For Food And Medicine
Foraging Burdock for Food and Medicine
Foraging Thistle for Food and Medicine
Foraging Thistle for Food and Medicine
Foods for the Lung…
Using Dandelions for Food and Medicine
Dandelions are exciting to backyard foragers because they’re one of the very first flowers of spring.  They’re super easy to identify, and every part of a dandelion is edible.  There are literally dozens of things you can make to eat with dandelions, from root to flower.  Dandelions are also great as spring medicine, and they...Read More
Using White Clover for Food and Medicine
Make the most of common yard weeds by using white clover for food and medicine with these easy tips and recipes and still leaving plenty for the bees.
Copycat Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe - My Frugal Adventures
How to Make a Starbucks Medicine Ball drink at home. Simple and so addicting.
The school year has begun and food is good medicine for immune support. It can also help to add nutrients with quality supplements.
Recipe: Starbucks-Style Medicine Ball Tea
Make the Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea at Home | Kitchn
11 Home Remedies to Combat The Flu
It's cold and flu season. Instead of taking all the medicine, try some of these natural food rememdies to boost your immune system and get in the bet shape! #rippednfit #healthy #remedies
healty Recipes
Too hot? Too cold? Find foods that are “just right” for you based on traditional Chinese medicine wisdom.
9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease (+ Why it’s Wise to Treat Inflammation)
Inflammation - How to Stop Attacking Yourself: 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease. Mark Hyman Via Mark Hymanon Aug 5, 2014
All Natural Pain Relief - PositiveMed
There is nothing worse than being in pain. Not everyone tolerates pain medicine well, and some people just do not care for medicine at all, so sharing a few with you that are all natural, homeopathic medicine and supplements. That being said, if you have chronic pain, or an acute episode like a broken or …
Homemade Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea Recipe (with 80% LESS SUGAR)
Love Starbucks Medicine Ball but hate the sugar content? No problem! This Homemade Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe tastes just like the original, but with 80% LESS SUGAR - seriously! If you've been on the hunt for a good homemade Medicine Ball tea recipe, this one's for you.
Guide to Edible Bark: Using Trees for Medicine & Food | Backdoor Survival
Did you know tree bark contains a startling amount of medicinal properties to heal the human body? Find out how to identify edible bark, how to use the bark, and other important details in our article! via @survivalwoman
According to Eastern traditions the forces of yin and yang are energetic qualities that shape everything in the universe, including our health. The Chinese symbol for yin is the shady side of a hill, while the symbol for yang is the sunny side. Yin qualities include coolness, dampness, and darkness, relative to the yang qualities of warmth, dryness, and light. This has less to do with the actual temperature or moisture of the food and more to do with its “energetics.”
Medicine Ball Tea - Starbucks Recipe
Starbucks copycat recipe for Medicine Ball tea is so simple to make. The combination of Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility teas plus a few other special ingredients, makes a soothing hot tea drink sure to bring relief to sore throats. Be prepared for cold and flu season with this delicious homemade Medicine Ball recipe, also called Coldbuster, Sick Tea and Medicine Bomb.
5-elements food: Cold/cool/neural/warm/hot
Chinese Food Therapy: What is It and How It Benefits Your Health
Learn how to harness the power of food through Chinese food therapy, based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
13+ Outstanding Diabetes Snacks Basket Ideas
10 Refreshing Cool Tricks: Diabetes Diet Fiber diabetes diet families.Diabetes Recipes Cake diabetes tips easy recipes.Diabetes Tips Easy Recipes..
10 Super Herbs With Healing Powers
Sometimes the best cure is the natural one. Check out these herbs and their benefits #natural #medicine #herbs
Foraging for Wild Fennel
Wild fennel is a common edible and medicinal plant on west coast roadsides. Foraging for wild fennel is easy with its licorice like scent. Learn everything you need to know about how to identify and forage for wild fennel, and the many ways you can use foraged wild fennel in your herbalism or natural medicine practice. #foraging #wildcrafting

FoodisMedMA May 27 shared via Twitter
EXCITING NUTRITION NEWS: The just released strategic plan to accelerate research over next 10 yrs! We could not be more excited! Goal 4:"Reduce the Burden of Disease in Clinical Settings—How can we improve the use of Food as Medicine?"

ghalebalsudmy May 25 shared via Twitter
On Friday 29th, and last day of Ramadan Mubark, We distributed over 75 basket food to poor families and Eid clothes to 35 orphans and poor children in Sana'a, I will post it later in my blog. Thks so much to all our donor friends. Jazak Allah Khair.

helenth88265377 May 21 shared via Twitter
They've taken away our rights to live, work and study in 27 countries, they destabilised our economy, they've put in jepardy peace in Northern Ireland, the unity of the United Kingdom, they've risked key supply chains for medicines and food no doubt screwed over our farmers.

HarvardCHLPI May 27 shared via Twitter
releases strategic plan to accelerate nutrition research over next 10 years! CHLPI commends this decision, one that is in line with our public comments to NIH, and with our MA Food is Medicine State Plan. Thank you, NIH!

merulusart May 26 shared via Twitter
and abbacchio found himself going shopping to buy him medicine, food, etc to help him feel better basically narancia worked his way into abbacchio's life, and nowadays he gives nara a hard time for fun but also is surprisingly protective over him (basically nara is his fav kid)

I hope will educate himself about the impact of on blind & visually impaired people. Many blind people have struggled to get food or medicine. I've lost my independence until the pandemic is over. It's no laughing matter.

larkwoodgirl May 21
I'm not defending or praising Elon Musk. I was just asking for help for the Navajo reservation were the death rate is enormous. They have no electricity, no food, no medicine, their hospitals are over run. Do not fault me for trying to get help. I don't care where it comes from

JoeDaoud13 May 26
The elderly and immunocompromised were dying from because the food system is rigged with over 200,000+ toxins including and weakening the immune system of millions. It’s time for Naturopathic Medicine to intervene and help heal the world.

Continuing with making Sunday more enjoyable & lively, sharing a very interesting, motivating & thought provoking forward, from New England Journal of Medicine 70.389 (2018) It surely can be food for thought. "Why should companies recruit people over 60 for senior and

cupidonaroll 18 hours ago
LOL Everyone knew Lockdown was to happen Traders announced a shutdown all over India for three days, Modi called for a Ja ta Curfew Everyone stock piled food items & medicines for 2-3 months in advance Where were u? helping the poor on the road, state responsibility They failed

Rob9217 May 24
Cummings and his puppet Johnson said on TV 2 months ago. "You must not leave your home. Onlyeave your home to get food, medicine, or exercise" something along those lines. They create the rules that over 60 million of us have abided to and he flouted it multiple times. It's wrong

SushantV11 May 27
Temples in India every day feed over a billion people 2 time Free meals. Apart from food and medicine they have collectively donated over 100 crores for Covid Relief fund. Google the number of meals served by Iskcon, Shirdi Sai, Tirupati & Vaishno Devi.

visionise_ 1 hour ago
"When the first hit, consumers were stocking up with lots of bulk food. Then there was a phase of over-indulgence. Now we’re at a phase when consumers are shifting away from bulk and to seek out healthier choices."

sssingh21 May 23
Cooked food being served to over 2,000 people everyday. We receive distress calls from all over the country asking for food, medicines, milk and rent support. continues doing all of that. Hopefully, our resources will remain enough to continue helping needy people.

mystic_1940 May 26
These Pakistani chutiyas are living in their alternate reality. No food, no medicines, selling their girls to China and yet will talk like they rule the world. Their PM is literally begging for money all over but these jokers are high on ummah weed

uselesslemma May 21
my house is flooded over here. water has been pouring in the windows for a week. the deductible is $1000, but “insurance” won’t pay. that leaves $200 for months of food, utilities, mortgage, flood damage, medicine...get off your asses and actually help, fucking criminals.

Probers said the medicine is not registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

FIMCoalition May 27
The 10-year strategic plan is BIG NEWS for . It accelerates research on the role of nutrition for and . Goal 4 asks "Can we improve the use of food as medicine?" We say, yes!

Johnnywas25 May 27
I have two kids, I have an extra cupboard full of food and medicine just in case me and/or my wife got ill, exactly the same as all the parents I know. Which is why so many people are angry about this. Because we were told repeatedly stay at home. Not drive over 200 miles.

BucksCouncil 5 hours ago
👏We applaud The Chesham Support Hub: Supporting over 200 shielded residents with food parcels, medicines & getting to medical appts. Applied for & received financial support so a resident could get a Hackney cab (safest option) to attend Chemotherapy treatments. Be

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