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This just looks like fun :) Mask Duo Set / A present idea from the @nytimes 2015 Holiday Gift Guide
Silk Eye Mask by Slip / A present idea from the @nytimes 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
Photo by: Joel Saget/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images. Shown: Alain Leroy, owner of an auction company in Paris, surrounded by sacred Hopi spirit masks.
Elixir Ultime Holiday Gift Set / Inside a festive golden box, this set includes paraben-free shampoo, a reviving hair mask and nourishing oil, a three-step process for silky tresses.
Design Your Own Tote Bag / Seedling, a New Zealand-based company, offers a bunch of inventive kits to create everything from superhero masks to butterfly wings to birdhouses. This one, complete with a cotton tote bag, colorful fabric paints, glitter glue and assorted ribbons and fabrics, is a great gift for a crafty tween.
Whats on TV Monday: Manifest and The Mask
Mary Shelley, author of the first science fiction novel (Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus), as painted in a miniature by Reginald Easton.
Are You Ready for Mask Bingeing?
Healthy Lungs
‘Hans Schärer: Madonnas and Erotic Watercolors’ at the Swiss Institute - NYTimes.com
Malala Yousafzai, Teenage School Activist, Survives Taliban Attack - 14 yr. old Pakistani shot for advocating a women's access to education
Vic Casale, Cover FX Cheif of Innovation, is featured in "Rethinking Makeup’s Sun Protection" via NYTimes.com #coverfx
Ask Well: Are Spray-On Sunscreens Safe? - NYTimes.com
Is your anti-aging cream really working? Depends on the container its in ,...
Arts - Image - NYTimes.com
The Elements of Style, by Strunk & White
65 Books You Need To Read In Your 20s - BuzzFeed Mobile
Venturing into 100 Years of the Best American Short Stories is like entering a hallway lined with doors, and behind each is a tightly coiled tale just waiting to punch you in the gut. Short stories are dangerous that way. They startle. They shock. They illuminate. Which is why we keep going back for more.
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Vogue versatility. Smooth leather and antiqued hardware makes this bag sleek and edgy. Its versatile design makes it easy to wear over your shoulder or across your body. From The Sak. QVC.com
Fine Arts Sweatshirt
Areaware | Glass Rulers
Draw and measure with accuracy using this crystal glass #ruler. The grid overlay allows for precise alignment when placed above an existing #drawing. Designed by Allon Liberman and Hye Jin Ahn
#theLIST: 10 Backstage Beauty Essentials
When ever I'm at Sephora I always try to stock up on this wonderful salve. I don't just use it on my lips but my cuticles as well. La Vie En Rose
Pretty pots urchins, set of 3 - blue turquoise / Set of 3 Modern Sea Urchin Delicate Little dish -
Joli pot oursin bleu turquoise / Delicate Modern Sea Urchin #pottery #ceramics#inspiration #ideas #clay#clayart#handmade #homedecor#accents #tablewaredesign

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Wearing a face mask can: 😷 Slow the spread of the coronavirus. 😷 Help you avoid getting sick. 😷 Protect those you encounter when you must leave home. Here's our guide to choosing the mask that’s best for you.

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See more in our full guide to find a mask that is right for you

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Btw, is still saying "no" to "should I wear a mask" What it should say is "Yes, but you should learn to make your own mask using our guide here, as an improvised mask is better than no mask. Please donate n95 masks to hospitals."

TimesChange24 Apr 28
So now we have our VP endangering others? How freaking ingnorant is he. If i go to the hosp i must wear a mask. CDC GUIDE LINES SAY IT'S MANDATORY ! WHY DIDN'T THE HOSPITAL MANDATE HIM TO WEAR A MASK. LIVES MATTER !

thin cloth mask to start, but just try to teach your body that THIS thing that triggered that anxiety, it won’t hurt you. You can breathe. The guide will help keep calm and you can, maybe, help train your body that the mask is not a threat. Don’t focus on the whole /

DaphnaOrenM Apr 23
There's a lot of other no-sew mask guides out there. I did sew ours using the NY times guide, (no machine, did it by hand), but it's not necessary.

algvatweets Apr 17

Crisis corp. provide many solution to protect our client defend crisis. in this case,we supply surgical mask all day and ship entire US in 4days. if you value your life quality,contact us to get survival road guide.

gambineri Mar 31
"The got you covered" guide to make your own mask illustrated by yours truly

SmoothFMKenya Apr 15
Face masks have become a mandatory part of our lives. However, for them to work correctly, they need to be put on the right way. Do you know how to put on your mask? Here’s a pictorial guide. Cc: Source: NY times. 105.5!

trubluelefty Apr 3
NY times has an article about a easy guide for those of us who don't sew using a t-shirt. As someone who has to wear a face mask for work I can tell you the ones for hospitals are not at all comfortable. You can google it, quite easy and comfy, people are being very creative.

Take a look at this, the Belgian ministre of finance putting on a mouth mask. And it's idiots like this that have to guide us through difficult times... Not fake news.

everydayeddie 3 Dec 2018
In case you were wondering what world writers think is relevant to their audience, this $400 eye mask is listed in their holiday gift guide as a "small luxury on uncomfortable flights". I'd save $393 and just buy an extra bottle of Jack Daniels instead.

lifebenzhao May 18
, (First Coronavirus Vaccine Tested in Humans Generates Immune Response, Appears Safe). What a great news! I recall merely months ago the rampant "mask no use" opinion to guide US public face a pandemic, with a seemingly "noble" reason. Eventually NY Times

vanbikesca Apr 26
The guide (search their website for mask) should be considered by any home-based/small biz operation. Really easy to follow, very comfortable, easy fit and doesn’t slip when you talk.

DallasCMS Apr 24
If you still need a mask, shared this sewing guide with step by step instructions and visuals. . . . .

Too bad we just can't let science be our guide on these things. Everyone is too concerned how they will look in a photo. If you see me out or around other people I'll be wearing a mask. My 2-year old daughter will also. Science matters.

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