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Chile Crisp Recipe
This all-purpose chile crisp recipe—which is tangy, spicy, crunchy, and addictive—will give your other condiments an inferiority complex. You’ve been warned.
Perhaps you’ve seen them on social media — sourdough loaves with burnished, intricately scored crusts and expansive, holey interiors — and wondered if you too could make this kind of bread. The answer is yes, you absolutely can. The method below will walk you through all the key steps and core concepts a first-time sourdough baker needs to bake naturally leavened bread at home with good, even great, results. You’ll need to invest in some essential equipment, find a starter, and set aside three
NYT Cooking: Some months ago, I remembered something I learned in Madrid called a tortillita, which inspired me to produce a kind of eggy pancake — or, if you like, a floury omelet — laced with shrimp, parsley and onion. Thus began my season of tiny pancakes. The options are endless.
This recipe is by Melissa Clark and takes 2 hours. Tell us what you think of it at The New York Times - Dining - Food.
Ginger Fried Rice - recipe from master chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Chile Crisp Recipe
chile crisp eggs
How to Make DIY Laoganma's Chili Crisp
Chili Crisp: Spicy, Salty, Crunchy, Tingly, and Good on Everything
33 Healthy Sauces So You Never Have to Eat Boring Food Again
33 Healthy Sauces So You Never Have to Eat Boring Food Again
These Scallion Pancakes Are the Greatest Recipe of All Time
These Scallion Pancakes Are the Greatest Recipe of All Time
The Oddest Sauce Around Is Also the Awesomest
The Oddest Sauce Around Is Also the Most Awesome
Authentic Szechuan Sauce
Authentic Szechuan Sauce
Pantry Pasta With Vegan Cream Sauce Recipe
pantry pasta with vegan cream sauce
Cashew Nam Prik Recipe
Cashew Nam Prik
How To: Homemade Sriracha Sauce
Thanks to Cooking light, we're in hot sauce heaven. So, if your feeling a bit chilly, the best way to warm up this cold winter is with homemade Sriracha! If you love all things Sriracha, you will l...
Brothy Pasta with Chickpeas | Bon Appétit
Brothy Pasta with Chickpeas | Bon Appétit
Vegetarian Taco Bowls Recipe
We took inspiration from picadillo, a saucy spiced ground meat dish packed with flavor, and thought, Why not give tofu a similar treatment? So for this vegetarian (vegan without the queso fresco!) version, we crisped up the tofu in olive oil, then doused it in spices and hot sauce for some heat.
Gochujang-Braised Chicken and Crispy Rice Recipe
Gochujang-Braised Chicken and Crispy Rice
Browned Butter Sauce Recipe | Yummly
Browned Butter Sauce Recipe | Yummly
Ginger-Scallion Ramen Noodles
The noodles are just a vessel for this savory, gingery, simple weeknight sauce.
Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry With Celery and Peanuts Recipe
Spicy Chicken Stir-Fry With Celery and Peanuts
Chili Crisp Recipe
The best spicy condiment can be made at home and it tastes just like the Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp brand. It is spicy, salty and savory with an addictive umami that goes great with sandwichs, over eggs or to top any food you can think of. #chilioil #easy #savory #tasty #spicyrecipes
Cast-Iron Pizza with Fennel and Sausage Recipe
Cooking sausage in the pan before adding the dough infuses the crust with porky flavor. Mmm porky.
Curried Peanut Dip Recipe
This addictively creamy, spicy-sweet dip will be loose and pourable when warm, but it will thicken once fully chilled. We love to pair it with leftover roast or rotisserie chicken, jammy eggs, cucumber spears, and roasted sweet potatoes for the perfect (desk-friendly) lunch.
Help me pass nursing school..... Ask me anything
Help me pass nursing school..... Ask me anything

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The perfect distracting read per Larry David, Master of His Quarantine

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Great read! Larry David, Master of His Quarantine via

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It’s 8:14 a.m. ET: What’s the “most popular” read in ? ’s up-close appreciation of Larry David, “Master of His Quarantine.”

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Larry David, Master of His Quarantine - Who better than the father of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to guide us through the thicket of being together, alone? via

Happy Sunday. Hang in there. Maureen Dowd: “Larry David, Master of His Quarantine

Larry David, Master of His Quarantine — Who better than the father of “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to guide us through the thicket of being together, alone? via

nytimes Apr 3
A landlord with 18 apartment buildings in New York City waived April rent for his 200 to 300 tenants because of the coronavirus pandemic. “I told them just to look out for your neighbor and make sure that everyone has food on their table," he said.

Bob_Wachter Apr 2
7/ Sadly, first Covid death from our family: John Murray, a giant in pulmonary & ICU worlds and, ironically, one of the first to describe the lung disease that he succumbed to (ARDS)…from Covid-19. His lovely obit: by (excrpt below)

JamilSmith Apr 2
The coronavirus took yet another of our cultural giants. Read the obituary for Ellis Marsalis Jr., father of jazz legends and one in his own right, now gone at 85.

NailOlpak Apr 3
- BC celebrated its 35th anniversary with a webinar. , the 's winning columnist, came together with our members with his speech of "The World Before and After Coronavirus" in our first "Transatlantic Talks". Congrats👏

AtomicAnalyst Mar 30
The next day, amid seven pages of coverage, included this small item. While the “Football” stayed close to Reagan in the hospital, the “Biscuit”—the alphanumeric Gold Codes the president needs to verify his identity—was separated from him when his suit was cut off.

nytimes Apr 3
A rousing show of support for the captain of the Theodore Roosevelt provided the latest scene to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic: the rank and file shouting their admiration for a boss they viewed as putting their safety ahead of his career

Psalm82_3 Apr 3
“Bill Gates REFUSES to reveal why he flew on Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein four years AFTER his release from prison while the billionaire was still chairman of Microsoft”

cindygallop Apr 3
“When you actually poll women who did vote for him, they did it with enormous hesitation because of his bullying attitude towards women and his vulgar attitudes.”

nytimes Apr 3
A shipment of medical equipment from Russia to New York raised fresh questions about President Trump's close relationship with the Russian president — and Putin’s commitment to fighting the coronavirus in his own country

PuestoLoco Apr 2
This seems to be revealing the start of the Trump plan to milk for his own benefit, the $1/2 Trillion money approved by Congress.

Busting his ass? Nothing could bust that ass.He was specifically warned. His transition team was specifically warned. They were given a 60 page playbook. They threw it out, he fired the pandemic response team, and sent 18 tons of PPE to China in February.

swedense Mar 31
The great Swedish actor Max von Sydow passed away earlier this month. has made a list of where you can stream 13 of his films.

HimymCraig Apr 2
My son has health and developmental disabilities — he did not fight this hard to be alive only to have his life ended by Donald Trump’s incompetence... please, if you have a soul, vote this man out of office in November. via

DanSlott Apr 2
It's cowardice. I honestly think it's like the Twilight Zone episode w/ Anthony, the all-powerful child who could wish you into the cornfield. They all know Trump is petty, powerful, and will blatantly abuse his power w/o any consequences, or checks and balances of any kind.

At the end of the Civil War, the Union turned Robert E. Lee's plantation into Arlington National Cemetary. We should do the same with Trump's golf courses and resorts because there will be many bodies to be buried and he owes them for his criminal negligence.

All because of 45 and his crowd.

I_Am_LisaR Apr 3
What a crock. Meanwhile Beto O'Rourke actually ahs a pac that is raising money for down tickets. Of course media would praise Pete for again copying something of his, also I bet he keeps half the money.

nytimes Apr 2
The rapper Tekashi69 will serve the final 4 months of his 2-year federal prison term in home confinement. His release is part of a nationwide effort to stem the risk of coronavirus outbreaks in jails and prisons.

Tracinski Apr 3
This is very generous. At the same time, it's not like he's going to have a lot of new people waiting to rent his apartments under these conditions. So if he can afford it, it's in his interests to retain his existing tenants and earn some good will. It's a win-win.

sajahq Apr 2
Join us in two hours at 7 p.m. ET as of talks to about his new memoir, "Missed Translations: Meeting The Immigrant Parents Who Raised Me." You WILL need a Zoom account to tune in. See the new Zoom link on the flyer below 👇

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