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“They say women can’t be priests because Jesus only called men to be apostles,” he said. “But the women close to Jesus were the first witnesses of the resurrection. When the men were afraid and hidden, the women went to the tomb and said, ‘Jesus is risen!’ If Easter is the most important part of Christianity, the first to proclaim the message were women. Who could make more effective preachers?”
Donald, This I Will Tell You - NYTimes.com
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03/25/17 | Donald, This I Will Tell You - NYTimes.com, Maureen Dowd Op. Ed.
Nicole Holofcener, the "thin director" LOL - check out the NYTimes piece by Maureen Dowd about working women in Hollywood
Hillary Clinton Says She Once Tried to Be Marine By MAUREEN DOWD,
Smoke ‘Em If You Got A Good Story About ‘Em
Pulitzer-winning NYTimes op-ed columnist Maureen Dowd, 62, overdosed on a legal marijuana edible in Colorado. Her column on the experience has gotten a lot of traction.
Hollywood Hills - Beware of rattlesnakes.
Jeb Bush’s Brainless Trust - NYTimes.com by Maureen Dowd 2-20-15
A "Madge & Me" original "pussy bow" tunic made with the 1 meter of Elie Saab silk crepe de chine purchased from Valli Tessuti fabric store, Milan, Italy in June, 2016. For the record: my version of the P-bow blouse was conceived and created before Melania Trump showed up at her husband's 2d debate with her now famous fuchsia Gucci P-bow blouse-pants suit. Maureen Dowd NYTimes piece a "must read" to understand deeper meaning of the look in context of 2016 presidential election "drama."
They were careless people, Bill and Hillary, they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness.
Donald Trump uses Twitter to create new legal concept - CNET
THIS THIS THIS THIS: Female executives and filmmakers are ready to run studios and direct blockbuster pictures. What will it take to dismantle the pervasive sexism that keeps them from doing it?
Lady Psychopaths Welcome - NYTimes.com. By Maureen Dowd. "The idea that every portrait of a woman should be an ideal woman, to stand for all of womanhood, is an enemy of art"
Oops! Facebook admits it created a democracy-crushing Frankenstein monster that it can’t control. Maureen Dowd, 9-23-17
An Open Letter to hdr22@clintonemail.com - NYTimes.com, Maureen Dowd, MARCH 14, 2015. "...Instead of raising us up by behaving like exemplary, sterling people, you bring us down to your own level, a place of blurred lines and fungible ethics and sleazy associates..."
When Willie Nelson invites you to get high with him on his bus, you go. - Maureen Dowd (NY Times)
Opinion | Ivanka and Vodka, on the Rocks - The New York Times
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The Tortured Mechanics of Eroticism | \/ | A Paris exhibition offers a fresh perspective for those who think their underwear is uncomfortable. Here, an 18th-century gold corset on top of a retractable panier. By Maureen Dowd
Elite SEALs taken off duty to deal with aftermath of Bin Laden book as whole command is ‘put on the bench’
Elite SEALs taken off duty to deal with aftermath of Bin Laden book as whole command is ‘put on the bench’ - Yet Obama gave Maureen Dowd, NYTimes and Filmmaker unfettered access to classified info. SEAL can't leak "PUBLIC" info! Obama is picking the wrong fight!
NYT: With the Clintons, Only the Shadow Knows MARCH 7, 2015 Photo The portrait of Bill Clinton by Nelson Shanks. Credit Nelson Shanks/National Portrait Gallery, via Associated Press Continue reading the main story [Maureen Dowd]
The Golf Address - NYTimes.com

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