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strangnet 4 Jan 2016 shared via Twitter
I'm having issues logging in to quay with docker login command.

pda 16 May 2014 shared via Twitter
Actually ignore me; I was hitting Docker’s auth not yours. Forgot the `quay.io` in `docker login …`

studies 8 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
“Note: When using Docker Hub or Quay registry servers, login must to be set to true and login_username, and login_p…

pracucci 1 Mar 2018 shared via Twitter
Signup didn't work. I emailed and they fixed. The docker login didn't work. Then I was so frustrated that I moved testing Quay that would be even cheaper for our use case.

mandubian 29 Oct 2015 shared via Twitter
Docker can't login to quay with weird dns error -> only way = reboot docker-machine... Docker & Mac is really boring...

dhigit9 2 Mar 2015
Had a couple of funnies W/ dial tcp i/o timeout on sudo docker login quay.io this weekend Have pinged for more info

quayio 22 Nov 2014
Make sure to include 'quay.io' in the docker login command. Otherwise, you might accidentally hit the wrong service.

rosstimson 27 Mar 2014
In the getting started tutorial at 'docker login quay.io' what do you do if you've signed into Quay via Github?

kuwa_tw 30 Jan 2014
Quay - Private Docker Repository”

gotoaberdeen 1 Jun 2012
News: Docker injured in accident at Aberdeen quay: A DOCKER was taken to hospital today wi...

overleo 30 Jan 2014
Quay - Private Docker Repository: Quay - Private Docker Repository {{ description }}Your user session has... [fav]

quayio 5 Feb 2014
Hey Nick, have you taken a look at quay.io? We take care of these problems for you so you can concentrate on using

jbminn 23 Mar 2014
I'm looking at tutum + quay. is the use case mainly private registry hosting? I don't get the value of 'hosting docker containers' part.

abdullin 11 Mar 2014
BTW, why does quay break, when you create repository named "build"? E.g. "happypancake/build" (we can't event delete it).

quayio 10 Mar 2014
Hey , have your checked out our product quay.io? Handling private repositories for is our main focus.

iman0matic 25 Feb 2014
Coming home to the docker and recharge. @ Clarke Quay

abdullin 19 Feb 2014
It is thrilling to watch how scripts update cluster and deploy new docker containers (which are auto-built on wercker and stored in quay)

nico_choo_news 30 Jan 2014
[ホットエントリ:WEB・ITなど]:Quay - Private Docker Repository

hansode 30 Jan 2014
“Use the Docker images your team needs with the safety of private repositories” [docker][docker-registry] / “Quay -…”

YOLiverpool 2 Dec 2013
New Quay Liverpool includes a view of the Overhead Railway / Docker's Umbrella

quayio 21 Nov 2013
Quay.io is providing private repos and we have push webhooks. Check us out, our support for businesses is top notch.

monkchips 30 Oct 2013
quay.io? also see for docker goodness

lucyvlt 23 Sep 2012
hahah! I had a dream that we had prom in west quay car park and miss docker was providing contraception, I do not know Lillia

aberdeencity 1 Jun 2012
Docker injured in accident at Aberdeen quay

LIndaKnit1 24 May 2012
Long-serving docker from Scilly retires: When he now goes down to a cluttered Victorian quay designed for the mo...

_startswithajae 16 Apr 2012
“@HoodRICH_Quayy , polo shirt , docker shorts , & black chucks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>” quay throwin that shit on today , lol

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