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Jigsaw Puzzle-Willem's Quay, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia-400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle made to order in the UK
Jigsaw Puzzle-Speke's Mill Mouth waterfall near Hartland Quay, Devon, UK, March-400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle made to order in the UK
Framed Print-Willem's Quay, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia-14"x12" inch Frame and mount made in the UK
Jigsaw Puzzle-The 'Obby 'Oss, South Quay, Padstow, Cornwall. 1966-400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle made to order in the UK
Greetings Card-Speke's Mill Mouth waterfall near Hartland Quay, Devon, UK, March-6"x8" inch Greetings Card made in the UK
Greetings Card-Willem's Quay, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia-6"x8" inch Greetings Card made in the UK
Jigsaw Puzzle-C. Trevail, monumental mason's, Quay Street, Truro, Cornwall. Around 1920s-400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle made to order in the UK
Quay Breath of Life Sunglasses White/Smoke NEW! The Breath of Life White Smoke Sunglasses. Polycarbonate Frame. Polycarbonate Lens. Stainless Steel Hinges. Cat.3 Lens 100% UV protection Width:  5.7" Height:  1.9" Nose Gap:  .39" Brand NEW with tags in case! Please ask any questions, I am happy to help! All of the goods I am selling are from my boutique that I closed. Quay Australia Accessories Sunglasses
Jigsaw Puzzle-High Road, Hunter's Quay, Argyllshire-400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle made to order in the UK
Greetings Card-The 'Obby 'Oss, South Quay, Padstow, Cornwall. 1966-6"x8" inch Greetings Card made in the UK
Greetings Card-C. Trevail, monumental mason's, Quay Street, Truro, Cornwall. Around 1920s-6"x8" inch Greetings Card made in the UK
Framed Print-Willem's Quay, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia-22"x18" Wooden frame with mat made in the USA
Quay Australia Sunglasses QC-000305 DON'T @ ME BLK/FADE
Jigsaw Puzzle-SS 'Treleigh' of Penzance, East Looe Quay, Looe, Cornwall. Probably 1895-500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle made to order
Poster Print-High Road, Hunter's Quay, Argyllshire-16"x23" Poster sized print made in the USA
Photo Mug-The Truro town Mayor and others at the opening of Worth's Quay, Truro, Cornwall. Possibly 1905-11oz White ceramic mug made in the USA
Canvas Print-Ships off Malpas Road seen from Worth's Quay, Truro, Cornwall. Around 1900-20"x16" Box Canvas Print made in the USA
Photograph-Worth's Quay with excursionists awaiting a boat, Truro, Cornwall. Around 1920s-7"x5" Photo Print made in the USA
Canvas Print-Queen's Island Shipyard from the Albert Quay-20"x16" Box Canvas Print made in the USA
Photograph-Architect's Drawing Negative - Plans for Elevation to Quay-10"x8" Photo Print made in the USA
Photo Mug-The Old Quay, St Mary's, The Isles of Scilly, England-11oz White ceramic mug made in the USA
Poster Print-The 'Obby 'Oss, South Quay, Padstow, Cornwall. 1966-16"x23" Poster sized print made in the USA
Jigsaw Puzzle-Seamen's Bethel & Institute, Quay Hill, Falmouth, Cornwall. Early 1900s-500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle made to order
Canvas Print-Guernsey - The Quay, St. Peter's Port-20"x16" Box Canvas Print made in the USA

1quayy May 23 shared via Twitter

Money_FreeJack May 27 shared via Twitter
They don’t smoke kush lol

Saquayaaaa May 25 shared via Twitter
MANNNNN FUCKKKK THAT BABY MONEY IS MONEY 🤣 she don’t owe anyone loyalty that nigga just ain’t shit he should’ve said something 😭

QuayHartfield 6 hours ago shared via Twitter
Don’t go to the Garnett pond 😂😂

taylorwynn 3 hours ago shared via Twitter
For everyone asking about the sunglasses they’re no longer made, they were quay x desi don’t @ me style

quay_tsa May 27
I don’t wanna kno what he did but I kno it was goofy he fuck around and try to rob open pit

RayQuayZa May 27
If you don’t support them

QuayKash704 16 hours ago
Growth ✨...it feels good don’t it?!

baddiequay May 25
Is it possible to lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks? ☹️ I don’t want to be this chunky in ATL.

MartinQuay1 May 21
✍️ absolutely no one should take any vaccine, you don't take an Anadin in the morning in anticipation of a headache in the afternoon

Saquayaaaa May 25
First of all she don’t owe anyone loyalty she making ducking money he knew wtf he was doing and getting himself into NOT TO MIND YOU he ain’t say shit to her about the relationship 🤣 y’all goofy asf

wavy_quay May 26
if i get killed by an officer don’t protest, don’t riot, don’t say shit. murk dat mf🗣

DueSZN__ May 20
You don’t consider the LA event good for them?

QBeezy_JLR May 21
Ain’t got the time nor energy for that monkey shit with these women bro...Don’t try and play me, play the lotto

Quay217 May 21
I would’ve grab my blick like man if you don’t get yo mf ass on

_naquasharaine 38 minutes ago
I don't know why I like these 😩

BrewonQuay1 May 26
Don’t let this wet weather get you down, come to Brew and enjoy our delicious Pie and Pint deal! Choose from Emerson’s porter and Angus Beef or Chicken and Corn pie paired with a pint of refreshing pale…

DueSZN__ May 24
Damn we don’t play again until the 19th. That’s tuff.

ceoquay 2 hours ago
An we can’t help it cause it is like this, we don’t like it no more than you that we live like this

FuckQuay 6 hours ago

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