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RazerSupport May 27 shared via Twitter
Hi there! We appreciate your interest in Razer Kishi. As of now, we are not privy as to when will it be released. Nevertheless, you can stay tuned to our social media channels for product launches or press releases from our website here: .

Gamevice May 21 shared via Twitter
No we do not have a Gamevice for the iPhone XR at this time.  But... We’re super excited to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on: a brand new, next-generation Gamevice, launching in partnership with Razer, called the Kishi! Our new Kishi controller i...

DbStadia May 24 shared via Twitter

KJ035G0 May 26 shared via Twitter
Could you share us with your quick 1st impression at Razer Kishi? Badly want one.

jwiederman May 26 shared via Twitter
any idea when you guys will release kishi?

Nonstop01011 May 24
If it's not the kishi, idc

TheDadGamerTM May 23
The Razer Kishi?

Nonstop01011 May 22
But where is the kishi tho?

Poke_Lover_1 May 27
Give them all away so you'll only have Kishi left to sell please.

Poke_Lover_1 May 22
can you confirm the June 20 release of Kishi?

Poke_Lover_1 May 21
how have you let Amazon list and sell Kishi devices before you've made any statement on an official release date??

I have not recorded the video. I am also not the owner of the Razer Kishi. I asked the owner for permission to post the video. From what I've talked to him and from what he says in the video, it works great. If you have any questions maybe I can help you.

RandomFace May 24
But when is the Kishi coming out?!

Aaronjf94 May 25
What phones does this one fit? I have the razer junglecat! Pretty good. But when i upgrade my phone i probably can't take that to the note 10+ i think. Unless they will have a case which the controllers will still hook on to. But i was curious if the kishi fits more phones.

reksveks May 27
That windows 10 beta for xcloud should be out soon. I am interested in running it on the 2019 shield with the AI upscaling. Xcloud is interesting for me for making it a potential switch competitor, just need a phone and a razer junglecat/kishi

Hey people literally have the damn thing already. How about some news on the Kishi. If I don’t hear by the end of the week I’m done waiting. You botched this roll-out.

Jon_Torbitt May 24
- was really excited to get my yesterday as pretty much first in the UK but to my disappointment IT DOESN'T FIT your Razer Phone!!!!! Absolutely gutted and having to return it before it breaks the USB-C port :(

JoshuaApolo May 27
Razer Kishi: Unos controles avanzados para Android y iPhone vía


notoJacek May 26
Powtórzę kilka rzeczy. 1. Tak switch nie jest dla mnie, powtarzałem to wielokrotnie :P 2. Masz rację, wtedy nie był w stanie zastąpić. Teraz uważam, że jest zastąpić konsolę jak Switch. Nie xbox series x, nie ps5. Ale Switcha? W 100%. Szczególnie z Razer Kishi + Stadia np.

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