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Razer Kiyo Ring Light Equipped Broadcasting Camera | Walmart Canada
Razer Kiyo Ring Light Equipped Broadcasting Camera Black

juanrcm Mar 27 shared via Twitter
Thx. Was starting to look into something like that. It’s for my son‘s PC - they are starting up distance learning next week. I found a Razer Kiyo at a Walmart in San Marcos. Need to do a pickup

Dunns97 Apr 21 shared via Twitter
Get the razer kiyo from Walmart

juanrcm Mar 27 shared via Twitter
Yeah we picked up a C920s for my wife over a week ago at Target. Found a Razer Kiyo at a local Walmart. Need to go get it

Zachari 5 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
I got the Razer Kiyo after Walmart had it for $65 so now y’all can not watch me look dumb af on Twitch in addition to just not watching the stream.

ChaoticAvacado 19 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
So... @LivinginPvrty (who I adore all so much) did a thing and while at Walmart I mentioned I wanted the Razer Kiyo... well he was out picking stuff up, he came home and was like "hey, merry Christmas" and gave me this and BOI I was crying so much I didn't expect this

Miss_Deacon9l 28 Jul 2018
Live now: Playing Dead By Daylight on PC. Trying out my new Razer Kiyo Camera and Razer Seiren X Mic. I think the Mic may require some settings changing, see what you think.

danarkage 6 Oct 2018
Random Stream! Going live to test my new kiyo webcam! only be on for a little bit so come say hi!

Geestargames 1 Oct 2018
Thanks to the spooktacular peeps for sending me a Kiyo Cam 🕸️ I'm excited to see this bad boy in action on stream 💚 I still have a lot more things from Razer to show and even a giveaway for some cute kitty ears!

Razer 17 Jul 2018
Gamer or Streamer, we've got you covered with the Razer Kiyo! Who are your favorites to watch?

royalforge 18 Nov 2018
Got a new Razer Kiyo as a birthday gift today! Can’t wait to set this baby up with XSplit

mgenchur8848 23 Jul 2018
Got my Kiyo today thanks this thing is sweet.

DaLaw_son 8 Sep 2018
Intel I7-7700k Nvidia 1070 Gigabytes gaming motherboard 16GB ddr 4 Ram Nzxt elite with tempered glass Arctic liquid cooler 240 Razer Black widow chroma v2 Razer kiyo web cam Razer control mousepad Sound like you want it? It yours for 2K US New England residents only

thumb_culture 2 Aug 2018

SwolyTV 12 Nov 2018
Camera is still not working, the Kiyo has been giving me an unbelievable amount of issues. Really annoying. Going live in 10-15 without a camera again....

JazzSenpai 1 Dec 2018
🖤💜🖤DECEMBER GOALS!🖤💜🖤 💜 Sub: 5/7 💜Followers: 157/170 💜Birthday Stream Dec 14th 7pm! 💜Elgato HD 60s & Razer Kiyo Donation Drive 🖤💜🖤Thank you for making my November amazing! 🖤💜🖤

Razer 27 Oct 2018
We're putting the spotlight on YOU this Twitchcon. Look your best with the Razer Kiyo's multi-step ring light—so you'll never have a dull moment when you're on stream. Illuminate your broadcast today:

RyvenMDG 28 Jun 2018
Been on now for four months and it has been a blast! We reached for 400 follows last night! Nearing our 500 goal and Kiyo ! Its been an awesome ride! Thank you very much to everyone that comes by and supports. Much love to all!

Lorena__Kay 25 Aug 2018
Charity for / • Current amount : $79,230.69 • Next giveaway: 80k • Item: Kiyo • Broadcasting Camera with Illumination • Congrats to Campaign link - Donation link -

thegeekgg 11 Dec 2018
Adding the Kiyo to my stream setup has made such a difference! Perfect webcam for streaming & best webcam I’ve used so far 🔥👀 Thank you ❤️

Mimi_Haney 24 Nov 2018
My razer Kiyo & Seiren X setup ! Can check out this link for the product info : # ○ Razer Kiyo #○ Razer Seiren X #○ Razer Ifrit…

videogamedeals 22 Nov 2018
Razer Kiyo: Full HD 1080p 30FPS / 720p 60FPS - Built in Adjustable Ring Light - Advanced Autofocus Feature - Streaming Web Camera $69.99 via Amazon (Prime Eligible).

Courtzz49 11 Nov 2018
RAZER product users.... razer Kiyo razer sieren reccomend??? theyre £100 each atm its really tempting...

MGL_esports 25 Oct 2018
We’re happy to support aspiring talent like you, ! Enjoy the Kiyo! Looking forward to what’s coming ahead 👊🏼

EvT_ImPERium 25 Oct 2018
Big props to the guys over at for sending me a Kiyo webcam with ring light!! Now just to sort out a green screen & will be sorted for Sunday 😊

CannibalQueen21 19 Sep 2018
LIVE! Testing my new KIYO illuminated broadcasting camera! Also playing Rags to Riches challenge for the first time! One week until my birthday!

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