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Gov't Bureau 'Creating a Google Earth on Every Financial Transaction,' Senator Warns
The Intellectual Property & Nonprofit Organizations Clinic presents law students with unique opportunities to address transactional matters and provide advice to clients on a full spectrum of intellectual property and nonprofit law issues. Students address a wide range of patent, copyright, trademark, and general business formation matters. Clients range from small startup entities to community and educational groups to international organizations.
Eat more kale: A David vs. Golaith fight with Chick-fil-A?
Eat more kale: A David vs. Golaith fight with Chick-fil-A, and a case for the UNH Law IP & Transactions clinic
Campbell Bader able to assist individuals and families in the following areas: Wills, Estates, and Family Legal Planning, Family Law (including Marriage Contracts and Divorce), and Residential Real Estate Law and Mortgage Transactions.
As ransomware attacks crippled businesses and law enforcement agencies, two U.S. data recovery firms claimed to offer an ethical way out. Instead, they typically paid the ransom and charged victims extra.
good transaction
Individual Income Taxation Class Project #2
Individual Income Taxation Class Project #2 - Homework Number One
Our Mission is to provide free legal services to new and existing small businesses and non-profit organizations who cannot afford to pay legal fees, and to provide our students with training and experience in how to be a transactional lawyer.
Why a Craigslist Sperm Donor Owes Child Support. Hofstra law professor Joanna Grossman explains why a sperm donor whom a lesbian couple found on Craigslist has now ended up owing child support for the resulting child, even though none of the three parties to the transaction had originally intended that outcome.
Dangerous bacteria can survive disinfectant, putting patients at risk — NBC News
Dangerous bacteria can survive disinfectant, putting patients at risk
Like franchisees make an investment in a franchise to enjoy the benefits of learning a business idea from someone who has already shown the world how to operate a business successfully and work on same business strategy in order to establish successful business, on the other hand, wise franchisors invest in business-oriented international franchising & distribution program to expand their business globally.
Students bring the entrepreneurial spirit IP & Transactional Law Clinic helps launch start-up business - University of Richmond
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walterolson 17 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
In fact, Harvard Law itself has a transactional law clinic that serves small businesses. While is absolutely right that clinical programs & faculty tend to lean left, things like this seldom come down 100% one way or the other.

Harvard_Law 31 Dec 2013 shared via Twitter
Harvard Transactional Law Clinic brings young hip-hop artists to HLS

Harvard_Law 12 May 2019 shared via Twitter
Student Voices: How practicing entertainment law in the Transactional Law Clinic made me a better lawyer

Harvard_Law 29 Nov 2019 shared via Twitter
Clinic Stories: How the Transactional Law Clinics helped launch a worker-owned brewery in downtown Boston

Jen4SBApres 30 Jul 2013 shared via Twitter
New Transactional Law Clinic at Drake!

PrawfsBlawg 30 Aug 2018

HaskellMurray 20 Oct 2014

PaceEnviroLaw 17 Nov 2016
.@pacelawschool's new Food & Beverage Transactional Law Clinic will help entrepreneurs past legal hurdles.

MakLawSchool Feb 21
The commercial Law department conducting training for staff on the use of clinical methodologies and how the Transactional Law clinic is impacting on student learning.

tara_j_norris 28 Oct 2019
...even if you count only the in-house HLS clinics, what on earth do “non-progressive” students have against the existing clinics? Tax clinic, transactional law clinic, cyberlaw clinic...and is there something inherently progressive about immigration or human rights work?

Harvard_Law 7 Mar 2011
Esperanza Spalding, Best New Artist Grammy winner, was a client of the HLS Transactional Law Clinic

SimplyFein 28 Oct 2019
Just for fun, here’s some of the current offerings that are a pretty good fit for FedSoc members: (In house) - cyberlaw clinic - transactional law clinic - veterans clinic - tax clinic - mediation clinic (Placements) - government lawyer - SCOTUS lit - sports law AND MORE

IowaLawSchool 3 Oct 2018
The Community Empowerment Law Project, run by Daria Fisher Page, and the Federal Criminal Defense Clinic, overseen by Alison K. Guernsey, launched in January 2018. The clinics teach students about transactional law and federal defense:

urichmond 9 Aug 2017

MakLawSchool Feb 20
The Transactional Law Clinic of the Commercial Law Department of the School of Law in Makerere University in an outreach in Wandegeya market. Below we showcase action by Law students and top on agenda was business registration and taxation of small and medium enterprises

PsychiatryJobs2 21 May 2012
Media / Clinic Job$ Clinical Fellow (Transactional Law Clinics) at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA)

LegalWeek 4 Apr 2011
Career Clinic: Disillusioned by transactional law - has my training been wasted?

MakLawSchool 22 Aug 2019
The Department of Commercial Law at the School of Law is in the formative stages of establishing a Transactional Law Clinic (TLC) and needs 10 volunteer law students. For details contact, The deadline is 23rd Aug 5: pm. ***

LouisNkizito Apr 16
The Department of Commercial Law is pioneering a transactional Law Clinic & is currently looking for a consultants on the project. You don't need a masters. I think my ideas might be misplaced if I went there to tell them about venture capital & online crowdfunding

MakLawSchool Apr 16
CALL FOR INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT - TRANSACTIONAL LAW CLINIC PILOT PROJECT The Department of Commercial Law at the School of Law Makerere University set out to innovate with teaching commercial law subjects and supporting indigent communities. For details:

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