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August state unemployment rate map - Business Insider
Here's every state's August unemployment rate
Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates
Millions of Americans already have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis and the worst of the damage is yet to come, according to the Federal Reserve.
Bloomberg says NYC has improved in 4 years, but data are mixed. Unemployment, grad rates are up. Murders, down.
Because Hope only works if you have a leader who believes in our country and our future. We do. Pass it on.
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22 maps that explain America
22 maps that explain America
Here's How The Government Keeps Track Of Poverty In America [INFOGRAPHIC]
Here's How The Government Keeps Track Of Poverty In America [INFOGRAPHIC] via BusinessiNsider
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This Map Shows State-by-State Penalties for Texting While Driving
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What is your U.S. state the best at being the worst at?
22 maps that explain America
Large publicly traded companies have their headquarters scattered among the states.
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excuse me, i'm sorry, i'm really such a lady
excuse me, i'm sorry, i'm really such a lady
Estimated Median Household Income per US County [950x734]
Estimated Median Household Income per US County [950x734] - Imgur
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Hundred richest counties (red) and hundred poorest counties (blue) per capita. Look at North and South Dakota!
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TWLINews 9 hours ago shared via Twitter

EagleInNYC May 28 shared via Twitter
. Now that you flattened your curve address your Suicide Rate From Your edicts suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic abuse, depression, unemployment, destroyed life savings and retirement $.

NYCTheMiC May 26 shared via Twitter
IDK what the unemployment rate is right now, but I know it's high. I don't want to hear a word from these assholes about missing out on a million or two.

marty888nyc May 27 shared via Twitter
WHOA! Even as we suffer with the highest unemployment rate in generations, cheers more Americans losing their jobs? How sick is that!

YesuvidaHeather May 22 shared via Twitter
Covid has nothing to do with Trump. Anyone is that unemployed should be grateful that trump got them an EXTRA $600/WEEK. DID ANYONE HAVE A PROBLEM CASHING THEIR STIMULUS CHECKS? SO YALL SENT IT BACK RIGHT? OR RIPPED IT UP? TRUMPS UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN BLACK COMM. WAS AT LOWEST

GrowthVitamin May 22
Sure did lower the black unemployment rate. Look at where it was in April 2010.

Trump has received awards for helping inner cities and at risk minorities. He also set up the lowest minority unemployment rate in history. Biden has nothing to show for decades in elected office. The difference is that Trump earns their votes. Biden demands them.

tonynikaj May 27
Yeah . Ex nyc 14.6 rate covid vs 3.7 last April. 10.9 new unemployed -> we assume that’s covid related. If 80% of the 10.9 come back. That gives us 5.88 unemployment (3.7 + 2.18). 5.88 vs 3.7 is not where we started.

Lowest minority unemployment rate ever? What world do you live in? American unemployment is currently at 15% & rising.

Chris_Pehrson May 22
Lol more jobs, lowest unemployment rate in over 30 years. Stock up , gas price down . More boarder patrol. That’s off the top of my head can you name just 1 5thing Obama did ?

jonsanch3z May 26
That and the fact of the unemployment rate is so high people wouldn’t be able to buy them if they wanted to.

Another 2.4M filed for unemployment last week. Total of 38.6M in 9 weeks. Effective unemployment rate of 41.2% (adding underemployed, unemployable and those unable to apply).

goliathmeadow May 27
If you want to compare a 25 yo with a small home in NYC 40 years ago, it's much closer to compare it to Detroit or Baltimore. Which is easily attainable still. 1980 also saw 8% unemployment and a 12% inflation rate, which is astronomical by today's standards.

DavidTaylorNYC 24 hours ago
This brings the effective unemployment rate to 43.1% (adding underemployed, unemployable and those unable to apply) - up from 41.2% last week.

Immigration hardliners lobbying Trump to broaden April exec order that barred several categories of foreign workers from entering USA for a temporary period. They argue directive didn’t go far enough given unemployment rate+upcoming election.

Mike_BanksMD May 26
No one really knows the herd immunity number. Influenza dies down after 15-20%. NYC has seroprevalence over 30%+ and their cases have dropped way down. As for economy, a forced 15-20% unemployment surge is devastating in the US. Sweden's unemployment rate is 8-9% or half of ours.

ResearchQanon May 22
Lowest unemployment rate for black people in history. First step act and their schools underfunded by democrat states.

Jacky202019 May 24
Donald is incompetent to control and not even wear mask as role model to nation. If u want succeed on reopening and don't accused corporate claim relief fund and laid off worker. What a dumd thinking. Work w China bring unemployment rate down in NYC. Do it. Let New Yorker back

CannaChefNYC May 24
Sorry lowest black unemployment rate ever.

paulaptlb May 24
Doesn't it depend? If your hospital starts looking like NYC's a month ago, and we hit, what, 20,000 deaths a week -- maybe you'd like to reconsider? The unemployment rate in Germany right now is 6%. Ours is 15%. They took care of their people and addressed the virus.

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