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Data Visualizations: 10 Worst Cities to Find a Job
A quick glance shows that many of the highest unemployment rates are in the West. California’s unemployment rate is 5.9 percent. Nevada’s is 6.7. New Mexico’s is 6.8. Upon deeper examination it is clear that many state-specific factors influence these high unemployment rates. For California, one obvious culprit is the drought. Given that agriculture accounts for 3 percent of jobs and 80 percent of water usage in California, a lack of rain creates various, multiplying effects.
Protests mark growing unrest with California stay-home order
California governor warns of state budget shortfall, looming 25% unemployment rate
California governor warns of state budget shortfall, looming 25% unemployment rate - YouTube
Iowa ranked most affordable state in the U.S.
Which States Are the Most Affordable to Live In by movoto: Go Iowa! #1 best because of its median home price, cost of living (including cost of food and utilities), average adjusted income and unemployment rate. #Infographic #Most_Affordabale_State
Why Hispanics Thrive in Texas, But Not in California
Why Hispanics Thrive in Texas, But Not in California....9/13
California adds 11,800 jobs, unemployment rate holds at 8.1%
California adds 11,800 jobs, unemployment rate holds at 8.1%
Growing unrest continues with California stay-home order
Growing unrest continues with California stay-home order
Data Visualizations: 10 Worst Cities to Find a Job
"Intriguing. ~Amy" A quick glance shows that many of the highest unemployment rates are in the West. California’s unemployment rate is 5.9 percent. Nevada’s is 6.7. New Mexico’s is 6.8. Upon deeper examination it is clear that many state-specific factors influence these high unemployment rates. For California, one obvious
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Column: Why a $15 minimum wage should scare us
Job seekers wait in line to enter the California Job Journal HIREvent February 10, 2009 in San Francisco, California. With the nation's unemployment rate at 7.6 percent, hundreds of job seekers flocked to the California Job Journal HIREvent job fair where approximately 1,700 jobs from a variety of different companies were available. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
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How Long Can You Collect Welfare in California?
How Long Can You Collect Welfare in California?. With an unemployment rate of 12.4 percent as of Nov. 2010, California families’ need for public welfare benefits in 2010 increased after decreasing and leveling off over the previous decade. Over half a million families receive cash assistance and more than three million California residents...
California Becomes First State to Borrow from Federal Government to Pay Unemployment Benefits - California Globe
These companies are giving thousands of jobs in America
In the US, the unemployment rate in April has reached 14.7 percent. This is the highest level of unemployment in America after the Great Depression. 2.05 crore people became unemployed in the US during the month
Lancaster, CA : Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve--west Lancaster, California
Newsom to close all California beaches, state parks over coronavirus: memo
California Gov. Gavin Newsom will be closing all beaches and state parks across the state starting Friday, according to a memo sent to California police chiefs Wednesday.
California September 2018 Job Report
California September 2018 Job Report. California’s Unemployment Rate Falls to a New Record Low in September. California added 13,200 jobs in September. With 339,600 jobs added from last September. #California #economy #unemployment #jobs #compass #realestate #realestateagent #bethanywpatten
California Restaurants Launch Nation's First Transgender Jobs Program
The unemployment rate for transgender people is double that of the general population. A new program aims to change that. It's all because of a trans woman who's employed trans people for years.
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Unemployment rate hit record low in 13 states this year
U.S. Creates 175,000 Jobs, Unemployment Rate At 6.7%
The U.S. economy added 175,000 jobs in February, as the unemployment rate ticked up to 6.7 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. More from the Associated Press: WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. hiring improved in February from t...
Arizona Fun Facts (Pull from EAZ magazine or create our own)
California Set to Hit 18% Unemployment Level
Pacific Union California June 2018 Job Report
California June 2018 Job Report. California’s unemployment rate remained at a record-low 4.2 percent in June. Check out this short animation offers highlights from June’s California Job Report by Pacific Union Chief Economist Selma Hepp. #jobs #unemployment #realestate #economy #pacificunion #selmahepp #bethanywpatten #SanFrancisco #MarinCounty

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Unemployment in L.A. County rose to a staggering 20.3% in April — the sixth highest unemployment rate in California. We dug into why the rate is so much higher here.

NewsHour May 23 shared via Twitter
California’s unemployment rate nearly tripled to 15.5% in April as the nation’s most populous state lost more jobs in one month from the coronavirus than it did during the Great Recession a decade ago, state data released Friday showed.

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California Considers Business Head Tax Plan that Seattle Repealed: With California’s unemployment rate approaching 25 percent, it is somewhat surprising to find policymakers contemplating a literal tax on jobs. That is,… ^

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CA unemployment rate >20%, far higher than the 15% national rate. Facing daunting budget deficit of $54B, which could force painful cuts to schools, social programs, & health care. Lockdown policy is unsustainable, each day economic damage intensifies.

SJW_ForAll May 22
and , while you're so focused on what they're doing in California and New York, why don't you focus on the people in your own State? Texas hits worst unemployment rate on record — 1 in 8 Texans are out of work

nbcbayarea May 22
California's unemployment rate soared to 15.5% in April as the state lost 2.3 million jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic that shuttered most businesses.

kron4news May 22
: California's jobless rate soared in April to 15.5%, higher than at any point during the Great Recession

sfchronicle May 24
Coronavirus Updates: White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett said the U.S. unemployment rate may reach “north of 20%” in May. That rate will spike even higher in June before it begins to trend downward, Hassett told CNN Sunday.

suvyboy 3 hours ago
How does Florida have a higher unemployment rate than California and New York?

CapRadioNews 1 hour ago
7:30 a.m.: New mandatory testing rules at California nursing homes 6:55 a.m.: Nevada casinos welcome back gamblers More details here ⤵️

Why was CA's coronavirus unemployment worse than the nation's last month: 15.5% vs 14.7%? Tourism, hotels, theme parks, Hollywood play outsize role.

ucrholly May 26
. prof. told for that County's unprecedented rate is higher than elsewhere in because it relies on industries.

_846021165045 May 24

latimes May 22
“We've basically wiped out a decade worth of job creation in a month and a half. I don't think the size of the shock has really sunk in to folks," an economist told .

Lead statistic in this story is faulty. It compares a projected (May) CA unemployment of 20%, to April's 14.7% US rate. But CA's comparable April rate was 15.5%. Here's the actual data, worth sharing.

VallartaMama May 22
The record high food stamp and record high unemployment rate are on purpose. They don't want to work and want the "freebies" instead (this goes for white people too). If someone works it right in California they can get $80K worth of free shit from the Gov't.

PhyllisAmes6 19 minutes ago
Gavin not to mention that California has highest unemployment rate, highest rate of homeless people and worst economy not to mention highest rate of virus. You and auntie M need to go ! Get on your train to no where.

CEOWilliamHall 6 hours ago
The US unemployment rate is the highest since the Great Depression. The US news also reports that 3.7 million US jobs have been lost to Chinese manufacturers. Now more then ever is the reason to always try to buy product made or assembled in the US.

jeanett89691663 18 hours ago
The adj. unemployment rate for the LAC was 20.3% = 2MM in April 2020. California's unemployment rate rose to a record high 15.5% = 6.1M in April as the state's employers lost 2.3M nonfarm payroll jobs. What other bright ideas you got? Here's one, OPEN UP CA NOW

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