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In New Orleans today you can pay a very small annual membership fee to certain clubs and drink at 18, completely legally
You think the EMT wouldn't figure that out from the baby car seat?.. self righteous walnut!
Uber driver pay is no better than most low-wage jobs by yourSAS #Tech
BREAKING: Ferrari's 2019 strategy leaked!
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TIL of the speed camera lottery in Stockholm Sweden. Drive at or under the speed limit and you'll be entered into a lottery where the prize fund comes from the fines that speeders pay. Average speed reduced from 32km/h to 25km/h (a reduction of 22%)
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[OT] This is probably my new favourite photo of Vettel.
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Uber loses appeal against drivers' rights
Uber has lost an appeal against a ruling that its drivers should be treated as workers rather than self-employed. Uber drivers should get workers rights including holiday and sick pay, a tribunal rules.
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TIL: In 2017 America overtakes Mexico again as the most obese nation in the world with estimates that 50% of the nation will be obese by 2030 : todayilearned
Take That, AP Style! Court of Law Rules the Oxford Comma Necessary
Take that, AP Style! Court of Law Rules Oxford Comma Necessary! #oxfordcomma #grammar #amwriting
Future is now
Found my dream job. Did anyone pay attention to the fact that the driver looks like a alien or the glasses the drivers wearing look like alien eyes..?
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The Worst Mistake I Made in 2013 - | The Blog of Trent Dyrsmid | Content Marketing | Marketing Automation #mistake #marketing_automation
Love Random Act of Kindness cards. Instant download. Pdf printable. DIY digital print. Pay it forward. Small acts. Gift with Bible verses.
Love Random Act of Kindness cards. Instant download. Pdf printable. DIY digital print. Pay it forward. Small acts. Gift with Bible verses.
A new study found that the percentage of teens who have a driver's license, who have tried alcohol, who date, and who work for pay has plummeted since 1976.
Amazon has its most profitable quarter ever, but growth is slowing
Amazon has its most profitable quarter ever, but growth is slowing - The Verge
Karen Wrecks Her Mercedes Without Insurance, Wants the Other Driver to Pay For It
Thinking of Landscapes - Gallery
Imzy is a community where people pay each other for being nice
Summer tire suggestions for an F31 daily driver? I dont want to pay for runflats but could be talked into them. (The 270 wheels are my winter wheels with Michilan pilot Alpin tires so I dont necessarily need all season)

reddit 27 Dec 2008 shared via Twitter
Sikh Signs For Package, UPS Driver Enters His Name As "TERRORIST": submitted by boxofrain to business [link] [4 ..

aldsaur 7 Feb 2012 shared via Twitter
Grt Example: RT : A8b: Last wk , we debunked photo of alleged UPS driver throwing pkg

snkw1974 6 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
UPS guy delivers the best selfies whenever he drops off a package Someone give this man a raise. And maybe a modeling gig.  When this UPS driver delivers packages to Reddit user u/deadleaf_shrimp's apartment, the building mailroom emails its residents…

Traveledfarwest Mar 27 shared via Twitter

KeithCRogers 7 Feb 2012 shared via Twitter
Amen! “: A11b: Alleged UPS driver photo let us correct info and connect w/ customers + fans. Engagement matters.

brunokim_mc 23 Dec 2019
Pay attention to already answered questions, there are often follow ups (1-2 comments deep) that you can comment on as well. One epic moment from Elon Musk (not a fan of the guy, but a good moment nonetheless):

UPS 30 Jan 2012
Based on the photo, this doesn't look like a UPS driver. We responded to the OP and to the discussion thread at Reddit.

ItsSubverse 19 Dec 2018
UPS driver opens package and steals contents while out on delivery. Merry Christmas!

reddit 6 May 2011
TIL there is an UPS driver that has driven nearly half a century and over 3 million miles without a single accident.

BethanySWinters 20 Dec 2018
Here is the photo of the guy that my husband took took the day he talked to them on our street. The thief is on the right. We talked to the driver today and he has since been replaced b/c of the video. TY !

equalpayact 16 Apr 2019
From : LGIM ups investor pressure over climate change and executive pay via /r/Economics

Cute_and_Food 26 Oct 2017
" Dog runs to get a treat from UPS driver " - courtesy of 1Voice1Life via in Reddit

yannickvougeot 1 May 2014
le top reddit du moment : UPS Driver With A Sense Of Humor

TheDesertLynx May 11
Have you tried yet? It's a social platform kind of like Reddit except upvotes actually pay you (and you can use points to buy "level ups" which amplify the points you get from upvotes). Give it a try, reach some new people and get some free coins

chocobyvn May 6
Actually, it’s my first time OWJDIS but I’ve read so many good comments about them, just don’t pay for the EMS shipping (I think that’s the name), use ups or dhl. I looked on reddit and some yt vids before purchasing the albums aojdieek

JessCRuns Apr 20
Just went down a rabbit hole researching a creepy house in Greer, only to find a whole Reddit thread on the house with former neighbors, nearby residents, and a UPS driver all spilling the tea on what they know. I love the internet.

kiklkykl Apr 9
The way Instacart works, shoppers are offered batches that they can either accept or ignore, then it gets offered to the next one. If a batch isn’t picked up by any shoppers, Instacart ups the pay on the batch to make it more appealing. There’s a great reddit for shoppers

fesi_df 18 Dec 2019

thorlaug 17 Dec 2019
Your driver is getting kudos on Reddit. I hope you reward him for being a great worker and brand ambassador.

Condos_R_US 11 Dec 2019

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